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Table 4 Parameters for OPLS-DA models derived from 1H-NMR spectra of plasma samples from controls and micro and SD patients

From: Blood metabolomic fingerprint is distinct in healthy coronary and in stenosing or microvascular ischemic heart disease

  OPLS-DA models Permutation*
Componentsa R2Xcumb R2Ycumc Q2cumd R2 intercept Q2 intercept
Controls vs Micro vs SD 2P + 1O 0.305 0.800 0.511 0.460 −0.188
Controls vs Micro 1P + 1O 0.317 0.947 0.697 0.513 −0.161
Controls vs SD 1P + 1O 0.247 0.871 0.512 0.507 −0.147
Micro vs SD 1P + 1O 0.301 0.895 0.673 0.425 −0.144
  1. * R2 and Q2 intercept values are indicative of a valid model. The permutation test was evaluated on the corresponding partial least square discriminant analysis (PLS-DA) model
  2. a Number of predictive and orthogonal components used to create the statistical models
  3. b,c R2X and R2Y indicate the cumulative explained fraction of the variation of the X block and Y block for the extracted components
  4. d Q2cum values indicate the cumulative predicted fraction of the variation of the Y block for the extracted components