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Table 1 Exosomal miRNA content in infected and uninfected macrophage-derived exosomes

From: Bovis Bacillus Calmette–Guerin (BCG) infection induces exosomal miRNA release by human macrophages

  Infected exosomal miRNAs Uninfected exosomal miRNA
Common miRNAs according to expression level mir-486, mir-21, mir-146a, mir-92a, mir-146b, let-7i, mir-423, mir-378a, let-7f, let-7g, let-7a, mir-155, mir-320a, mir-191, let-7b, mir-24-, mir-26a, mir-423, mir-140, mir-30d, mir-148a, mir-101, mir-221, mir-103a, let-7e, mir-28, mir-1307, mir-151a, mir-148b, mir-26b, mir-27a, mir-532, let-7d, mir-361, mir-99b, mir-342, mir-941, mir-511 mir-21, mir-146b, mir-146a, let-7f, let-7i, let-7a, mir-378a, let-7g, let-7b, mir-26a, mir-191, mir-423, mir-30d, mir-155, mir-320a, mir-511, mir-423, mir-1307, mir-101, mir-24, mir-92a, mir-148a, mir-99b, mir-532, let-7d, mir-486, let-7e, mir-103a, mir-221, mir-26b, mir-140, mir-148b, mir-28, mir-151a, mir-941, mir-342, mir-27a, mir-361
  1. Differentially expressed exosomal miRNAs (p < 0.05) obtained from three independent experiments. 44 and 47 miRNAs were identified in the M.tb-infected and -uninfected macrophage-derived exosomes with a copy number >20