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Fig. 5

From: Pyruvate kinase M2 and the mitochondrial ATPase Inhibitory Factor 1 provide novel biomarkers of dermatomyositis: a metabolic link to oncogenesis

Fig. 5

Hierarchical clustering analyses of the biopsies using the expression level of enzymes of energy metabolism. Rows indicate type of sample; columns, proteins and derived ratios. Protein expression scores are shown normalized to the mean relative expression level in normal samples in (ac), according to a color scale (below panels): red, high; black, normal; green, low expression. The dendogram (to the right of the matrix) represents overall similarities in expression profiles. The maximum and minimum values of the markers for each cluster are shown. a Clustering of control (CTR), DM, PM and sIBM biopsies using βF1-ATPase/PKM2 ratio as biomarker. b Clustering of CTR and DM biopsies using PKM2 expression as biomarker. c Clustering of CTR and sIBM biopsies using βF1-ATPase/LDHA ratio and β-actin as biomarkers. d Scheme showing the contribution of four biomarkers to discriminate CTR, DM and sIBM biopsies attending to high (red) or low (green) expression levels. For additional details see Table 1

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