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Fig. 5

From: Generation of donor-specific Tr1 cells to be used after kidney transplantation and definition of the timing of their in vivo infusion in the presence of immunosuppression

Fig. 5

T10 cells are enriched in Tr1 cells. One representative flow cytometry staining (out of eight) of CD49b+LAG-3+ cells gated on CD4+CD45RA of CD4+ T cells, control Tm cells and T10 cells is shown (upper panel a). Percentages of CD49b+LAG-3+ (within CD4+CD45RA) Tr1 cells are shown. Each closed square represents one experiment with buffy coats from healthy donors; each open square represents one experiment with leukapheresis from patients on dialysis. Lines represent mean value of each data set ± SD (lower panel a). Percentages of Tr1 cells in the starting CD4+ T cells are plotted against percentages of Tr1 cells within the corresponding T10 cells. One dot represents one experiment. Line represents linear regression (b)

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