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Table 2 The hypermethylation frequencies of five CpG sites in disease samples

From: Individualized analysis reveals CpG sites with methylation aberrations in almost all lung adenocarcinoma tissues

CpG site Gene symble Frequency1 (%) Frequency2 (%)
cg05050341 ENG 97.86 100
cg12111714 ATP8A2 97.86 100
cg19466563 SPARCL1 98.57 87.50
cg19797376 TAL1 98.57 100
cg26521404 HOXA9 98.57 100
  1. For a gene corresponding to a CpG site, Frequency1 and Frequency2 represent the hypermethylation frequencies in the 140 publicly available and eight additionally measured paired cancer-normal samples, resepectively