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Fig. 1

From: Walking performance is positively correlated to calf muscle fiber size in peripheral artery disease subjects, but fibers show aberrant mitophagy: an observational study

Fig. 1

Fiber type analysis of gastrocnemius muscle sections using isoform-specific myosin heavy chain (MyHC) immunohistochemistry. A Quantification (mean ± SEM) of type I (pink), IIa (green), and IIa/x (yellow/orange) muscle fibers, shown in representative images, of non-PAD (B; n = 7) and PAD (CE; n = 26) participants. CE) Representative images of PAD subjects with primarily type I fibers, 50 % type I and 50 % Type II, and primarily type II fibers, respectively; F individual variation in fiber type distribution between non-PAD and PAD subjects (approximately 1000 fibers analyzed per subject). Scale bar = 100 µm

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