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Table 1 Gene ontology analysis of hypermethylated GpG sites from birth to 5 years of age (with RR >2 and Q Value <0.001)

From: Longitudinal study of DNA methylation during the first 5 years of life

Onthology Term RR Q_value
Biological_process Digestive tract morphogenesis 6.3551 2.25E−05
Biological_process Homophilic cell adhesion 4.6179 7.02E−09
Biological_process Digestive tract development 3.6972 0.0001
Biological_process Locomotory behavior 3.6791 1.77E−07
Biological_process Cell–cell adhesion 3.6197 1.63E−07
Biological_process Digestive system development 3.3312 0.00035
Biological_process Hindbrain development 3.1444 0.00072
Biological_process Cell fate commitment 2.7058 0.00011
Biological_process Behavior 2.4935 2.83E−08
Biological_process Embryonic organ morphogenesis 2.4633 0.00027
Biological_process Single-organism behavior 2.3998 3.88E−05
Biological_process Cell adhesion 2.3899 4.55E−13
Biological_process Regionalization 2.381 0.00015
Biological_process Biological adhesion 2.3795 4.55E−13
Biological_process Brain development 2.2605 4.09E−08
Biological_process Pattern specification process 2.2365 5.37E−05
Biological_process Central nervous system development 2.2029 5.18E−10
Biological_process Muscle structure development 2.1471 0.00017
Biological_process Embryonic morphogenesis 2.1396 1.59E−05
Biological_process Embryonic organ development 2.0979 0.00047
Biological_process Skeletal system development 2.0909 0.00035
Molecular_function Sequence-specific DNA binding 2.0117 2.71E−06
Cellular_component Dendrite 2.3717 1.38E−05
Cellular_component Axon 2.2741 0.00099
Cellular_component Somatodendritic compartment 2.1637 4.07E−06
  1. RR relative risk is a measure of effect size describing the change of proportions between our selected set of genes and a given term
  2. Q value Q value is the result from the adjustment of P values in order to control the false discovery rate (FDR) using the Benjamini-Hochberg method