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Fig. 1

From: An 18 gene expression-based score classifier predicts the clinical outcome in stage 4 neuroblastoma

Fig. 1

Outline of the strategy used for building and validating the gene-based scoring system of stage 4 neuroblastoma (NB). Gene selection The selected genes were obtained by (1) Medline Search using as keywords “Neuronal marker” and “Neuroendocrine marker” (2) published gene-signatures of NB; (3) analysis of publicly available microarray gene expression (GSE9169) on three NB cell lines treated with retinoic acid. Identification of Stage 4 NB gene outcome predictor freely downloadable gene expression datasets named Seeger dataset (GSE16254) and Versteeg dataset (GSE16476) have been used. Development and validation of 18-gene Stage4NB risk score we used the already published microarray gene expression data of 214 stage 4 cases (GSE45547) and new 27 stage 4 cases that have been deposited in GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus) database (GSE79910)

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