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Fig. 5

From: Patient-derived xenografts faithfully replicated clinical outcome in a phase II co-clinical trial of arsenic trioxide in relapsed small cell lung cancer

Fig. 5

To assess the efficacy of ASO and cisplatin (CDDP) in TKO-005, a PDX model of platinum sensitive SCLC, animals were treated and monitored for tumor growth and body weight as described in Fig. 4. In addition, a matching group of tumor-bearing mice was treated with rigosertib (250 mg/kg i.p. daily). At the end of the treatment period, there was no significant reduction in tumor volume in animals treated with ASO (*p = 0.40) but a significant reduction was achieved with cisplatin (**p = 0.048) and a strong trend toward reduced tumor volume was noted with rigosertib (p = 0.058) in comparison to vehicle-treated control animals. Similarly, harvested tumor weights were significantly lower from animals treated with cisplatin (**p = 0.04) and rigosertib (p = 0.038) but not from animals treated with ASO (*p = 0.46) in comparison to control animals. There was no significant increase in toxicity as measured by body weight of the animals on active therapy in comparison to controls. Furthermore, rigosertib (ON-01910.Na) efficacy was comparable to cisplatin both in terms of growth inhibition (p = 0.24) and harvested tumor weights (p = 0.32) at the end of treatment

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