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Fig. 4

From: Patient-derived xenografts faithfully replicated clinical outcome in a phase II co-clinical trial of arsenic trioxide in relapsed small cell lung cancer

Fig. 4

Efficacy of ASO (3.75 mg/kg i.p. every other day) and cisplatin (3 mg/kg i.p. weekly) was tested in TKO-002, a PDX model of platinum refractory SCLC. Tumor volume (mm3) and body weight of animals were measured at least twice weekly while on treatment. There was no significant tumor growth inhibition by ASO (*p = 0.48) or cisplatin (**p = 0.42) in comparison to vehicle-treated control animals at the end of the treatment period (top). There was also no significant difference in the harvested tumor weights from animals treated with ASO compared to control animals treated with vehicle (*p = 0.33) (middle). There was no significant increase in toxicity (measured by body weight of the animals) with active therapy in comparison to controls (bottom)

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