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Fig. 3

From: Patient-derived xenografts faithfully replicated clinical outcome in a phase II co-clinical trial of arsenic trioxide in relapsed small cell lung cancer

Fig. 3

SCLC cell line derived directly from a tumor biopsy specimen employed for the generation of TKO-002 PDX was employed for in vitro cytotoxicity assessment. TKO-002 cells were seeded in 96-well plates and allowed to grow overnight. Exponentially growing cells were treated the next day with vehicle or serially increasing concentrations of cisplatin (2–216 μM) and ASO (0.2–24 μM). After 72 h of continuous drug exposure, cell numbers were estimated using MTS assay. IC50 concentration was estimated from the growth inhibition using GraphPad prism software. The IC50 concentration for cisplatin (top panel) and ASO (middle panel) was estimated at 11.25 and 3.08 μM, respectively. There was no demonstrable additive or synergistic effect of the combination of ASO (6 μM) and cisplatin (2.5 or 10 μM) over each agent alone against TKO-002 cells (bottom panel)

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