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Table 4 Available patient data on response to drug treatment

From: Human lung adenocarcinoma cell cultures derived from malignant pleural effusions as model system to predict patients chemosensitivity

Patient Primary
1st line therapy 1st line response
(3 cycle)
1st line response
(6 cycle)
2nd line therapy 2nd line response
(3 cycle)
#1 PE g/11 Cis + Vin PR SD Erlotinib PD
#2 PE n/11 Cis + Vin PD    
#3 PE p/11 Cis + Gem SD SD Pemetrexed PD
#4 PE r/11 Cis + Gem + Beva PR    
#5 PE s/11 Cis + Taxotere PR    
#6 PE u/11 Cis + Gem + Beva PR    
  1. Clinical response: PD progression disease, SD stable disease, PR partial regression, CR complete