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Fig. 1

From: Effectiveness of pure argon for renal transplant preservation in a preclinical pig model of heterotopic autotransplantation

Fig. 1

Saturation of Celsior with argon, xenon or atmospheric air. Celsior was saturated with argon, xenon or atmospheric air in a glass bottle (part a; picture A). The kidney graft was flushed using the cold solution of interest (250 ml) via a catheter inserted into the renal artery (b; B). The remaining solution (250 ml) was transferred in a plastic pocket (c; C) prior to an additional saturation step (d). The graft was then immersed in the solution of interest, and the pocket was sealed by welding (e; D). A final saturation step was performed prior to verifying that the atmosphere was appropriate. The graft was then stored for 30 h at 4 °C before transplantation (f)

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