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Table 4 Oncogramme results for the 19 advanced CRC patients included in the pilot trial

From: Chemotherapy outcome predictive effectiveness by the Oncogramme: pilot trial on stage-IV colorectal cancer

Subject ID Treatment
01 S S S
02a S S I
03 S S S
04a R I I
05a I R R
06 I N/D N/D
07a S I I
08a I I I
09 R S S
10a I R S
11 I R I
12a I I I
13a S I I
14 I I S
15a I R R
16a I R R
17a I I R
18a R S I
19a R I I
  1. Results were categorized according to percentile thresholds (R = resistant < 25th percentile < I = intermediate sensitive < 75th percentile < S = sensitive; N/D = not determined). Oncogramme results for treatments that were actually given to patients are underlined
  2. aIndicates the 13 patients selected for the supplementary analysis, which were those who received equivalent chemotherapeutic treatments over the course of at least two evaluations