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Table 2 Urinary OspA results compared to serology, clinical diagnosis and treatment status of N = 168 patients suspected of having early stage LB, and healthy controls

From: Application of Nanotrap technology for high sensitivity measurement of urinary outer surface protein A carboxyl-terminus domain in early stage Lyme borreliosis

Categories Details Total OspA Pos OspA Neg
Non Lyme Asymptomatic (EM Neg, serology ND) 117 0 117
Symptomatic, joint pain (EM Neg, serology Neg) 3 0 3
Untreated, clinical diagnosis of LB EM Pos (serology: 12 Pos, 5 Neg, 3 Eq, 4 ND) 24 24 0
Antibiotic treatment for a clinical diagnosis of LB EM rash present at the time of urine collection during the treatment course (Serology: 4 Pos, 6 Neg) 10 10 0
Arthritis Pos, EM Neg (serology: 6 Pos) 6 6 0
Converted to EM Neg (Serology: 4 Pos, 4 Neg, 8/8 urinary OspA Pos prior to therapy) 8 0 8
  1. OspA pos urinary OspA test positive, OspA neg urinary OspA test negative, EM Erythema Migrans, ND serology not done