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Fig. 1

From: Increased number of circulating exosomes and their microRNA cargos are potential novel biomarkers in alcoholic hepatitis

Fig. 1

Extracellular vesicles (EVs)/exosomes characterization and enumeration and serum ALT levels. a Total number of EVs in the sera of chronic alcohol-fed mice and pair-fed mice were measured by a Nanoparticle Tracking analysis (Nanosight). b Serum ALT (IU/L) levels were measured in pair-fed mice and alcohol-fed mice. c Transmission electron micrographs of exosomes isolated from alcohol-fed mice showed diameters less than 150 nm. d Same amount of protein loaded into the all columns. Isolated exosomes from sera of alcohol-fed mice (Et-exo) and pair-fed mice (PF-exo) expressed CD63. GRP78 was detectable only in primary hepatocytes (Hepa). e The average size of exosomes was measured by Nanoparticle Tracking analysis (NTA).

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