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TableĀ 1 Overview of basic Trusted Third Party workflows

From: A workflow-driven approach to integrate generic software modules in a Trusted Third Party

Workflow Description
get_mpi Generate MPI ID for given IDAT using E-PIX-service
check_patient_exists Check if a participant with given IDAT already exists in the E-PIX-database
get_id_from_id Get a pseudonym for a given identifier (e.g. MPI ID) and vice versa using the gPAS-service
add_consent Add a new informed consent (based on a template containing several modules and policies) for the given identifier using the gICS-service
check_consent_exists Check if an informed consent for the given identifier exists in the gICS-database
query_consent Query a list of policies and their consented state for a given informed consent identifier using the gICS-service
add_scan Add a document scan to a previously defined informed consent using the gICS-service
update_participant Update a participants IDAT already existing in the E-PIX-database
get_participant_by_mpi_id Retrieve a participants IDAT from the E-PIX database identified by its MPI ID
add_participant_get_psn Sequential workflow combining get_mpi and get_id_from_id
get_participant_by_psn Sequential workflow combining get_id_from_id and get_participant_by_mpi_id