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Table 1 A summary of patients with gastric cancer harboring HER2 fusions

From: Oncogenic HER2 fusions in gastric cancer

Samples Country Sex Age Fusions* TNM Pathological type
GC196 China M 76 ZNF207_ex2/HER2_ex18 T3N1M0 Mixed
431-9540474 T China M 63 MDK_ex4/HER2_ex11 T2N2M0 -
GC334 China F 62 NOS2_ex2/HER2_ex2 T3N2M0 Diffused
  1. *The amplification of MDK-HER2 was determined by aCGH, whereas the other two HER2 fusion amplifications were defined by FISH and IHC assays.