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Table 2 Effect of administration of the TKmGM-PPT complex on mice inoculated with C26 and CSC5 tumors

From: Therapeutic properties of a vector carrying the HSV thymidine kinase and GM-CSF genes and delivered as a complex with a cationic copolymer

Complex or control solution C26 CSC5
ILS% TGD 1500 days ILS% TGD 1000 days
TKmGM-PPT/GCV 42 8.5 20 6.0
TKmGM-PPT/PBS −4 −0.3 - -
Control/GCV −12 0.8 0 −0.1
Control/PBS - - - -
  1. C26 – female BALB/c mice with C26 tumor (groups of 10 animals), CSC5 – female BDF1 mice with CSC5 tumor (groups of 18 animals). Control – the group that received only GCV or PBS. The complexes were administered intratumorally 3 times in a single dose of 0.04 μg DNA/mm3 of tumor volume with a 5-day interval. The first administration was on day 7 of tumor growth. GCV – ganciclovir; GCV was administered for 15 days intraperitoneally twice a day with an interval of 12 h in a daily dose of 150 mg/kg (total dose of 2.25 g/kg). ILS –increase in lifespan of mice, TGD –tumor growth delay, MI –metastasis inhibition, mean values, FLM – frequency of lymphogenic metastasis (percentage of animals with metastases in lymph nodes). ILS and MI were measured on day 30 of tumor growth. PBS was administered in volumes equivalent to the GCV administration scheme.