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Table 3 Distribution and length of the 16 final HIV-1 segments included in the HTI sequence

From: A human immune data-informed vaccine concept elicits strong and broad T-cell specificities associated with HIV-1 control in mice and macaques

HTI segments Length (AA) HIV-1 protein
S1 78 Gag-p17
S2 14 Gag-p24
S3 11 Gag-p24
S4 60 Gag-p24
S5 14 Gag-p24
S6 15 Gag-p24
S7 27 Gag-p15
S8 55 Prt
S9 17 RT
S10 55 RT
S11 34 RT
S12 34 Int
S13 17 Int
S14 26 Vif
S15 19 Vif
S16 13 Nef
Total (incl. linker) 529