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Figure 3

From: Melanoma expression of matrix metalloproteinase-23 is associated with blunted tumor immunity and poor responses to immunotherapy

Figure 3

Foxp3 + T regs in the primary tumor increases with higher melanoma MMP-23 expression. (A) Heterogeneous nuclear positivity for Foxp3 in TILs from a primary melanoma with a high MMP-23 composite score and 100 Foxp3+ Tregs/high-power field. (C) Nuclear reactivity for Foxp3 limited to a few TILs (5 Foxp3+ Tregs/high-power field) (arrow) from a primary melanoma with no MMP-23 expression (200X). (B, D) Corresponding consecutive MMP-23-stained sections of A and C, respectively.

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