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Table 5 Patients characteristics and outcome of 10 pets with advanced cancer treated with metronomic chemotherapy alone

From: High dose lansoprazole combined with metronomic chemotherapy: a phase I/II study in companion animals with spontaneously occurring tumors

Patient Age Sex Tumor Prev. treatment Tumor stage Outcome (weeks)
Mixed breed 13 FS Metastatic Surgery T0 N1 MX PD
Anal sac Ca (sublumbar lymph nodes)
Poodle 12 MC Thyroid Ca Biopsy T3B N0 MX PD
Labrador 9 F Liver CA Biopsy T2 N0 MX PD
Golden retriever 11 MC Ruptured Surgery T3 N0 MX NED 28
Splenic HSA
German Shepherd 10 MC Ruptured Surgery T3 N0 MX NED 20
Splenic HSA
Boxer 11 FS Inflammatory mammary Ca Biopsy T4 N0 MX CR 80+
Mixed breed 13 FS Recurring Surgery T4 N0 MX PD
Inflammatory mammary Ca
Boxer 10 FS Mammary Ca Biopsy T3C N1 MX PD
Doberman 13 FS Anaplastic mammary Ca (axillary lymph node) Biopsy T3B N1 MX PD
Boxer 11 M C OSA Biopsy T2 NX MX PR 40
  1. Abbreviations: CA carcinoma, CR complete remission, F female, FS female spayed, M male, MC male castrated, NED no evidence of disease, OSA osteosarcoma, PD progressive disease, PR partial remission.