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Figure 1

From: AurkA inhibitors enhance the effects of B-RAF and MEK inhibitors in melanoma treatment

Figure 1

Effect of different drugs on melanoma cell proliferation. Proliferation curves of A375 melanoma cells as generated by xCELLigence RTCA seeding 1×103 cells/well in E-16-well plates. Cells were allowed to grow for 48 hours in complete medium before adding the indicated inhibitors, used as single agents or in different combinations, all used at 30 nM concentration except for the AurkA that was tested at 1 μM concentration. Cell growth was monitored for an additional 72 hours. Data are the mean + SD of one experiment, performed in triplicate (A). Western blot analysis of c-Myc (B) and p53 (C) in melanoma cells upon different single and combined treatment at 72 hours. ***indicated P-value ≤ 0.005.

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