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Table 2 Correlation between cytokine plasma levels and duration of disease or ejection fraction

From: Increase of plasma IL-9 and decrease of plasma IL-5, IL-7, and IFN-γ in patients with chronic heart failure

Cytokine IL-5 IL-9
Duration of disease r = -0.475 (p = 0.05) n.s.
Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction n.s. r = -0.364 (p = 0.02)
  1. A negative Pearson's correlation coefficient (r) indicates that cytokine expression inversely correlates
  2. with the variable in exam (e.g. : patients with longer disease duration had smaller concentrations of
  3. plasmatic IL-5 in comparison with patients more recently diagnosed).
  4. A statistically significant inverse correlation of IL-9 plasma levels with left ventricular ejection fraction
  5. was found among the ICM group only (n = 42).
  6. An inverse correlation between IL-5 plasma levels and duration of disease was found in NYHA III-IV
  7. ICM patients only (n = 18).