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Table 3 Impact of HLA alleles on the statistical significance of observed PR values (clade C OLP)

From: Definition of the viral targets of protective HIV-1-specific T cell responses

A) Beneficial OLP (PR > 1)   
OLP Protein PR Removed HLA allele(s) abolishing statistical significance1 Alleles over-represented in the OLP responder group2
3 Gag 1.09 A30, B42, C17 A30, B08, A03, A74, C17, A43, B42, B07
6 Gag 1.22 B15 B49, B82, C14
7 Gag 1.25 - B42, C17, B49, A30
22 Gag 1.18 B57, C07 B57, A74, B45, C07, C16, B13
25 Gag 1.06 A30, B15, C04, C07 B42, C17, B81, B39, A01, C12, C18, A30, B67
26 Gag 1.23 A02, A23, A68, B07, B14, B58, C07, C08 C03, B15, A68
27 Gag 1.16 B15, C07 B15, A68, C03, C08
29 Gag 1.07 A68, B15, B58, C02, C03, C06, C12 B35, B39, C12, B40, B07, C04
31 Gag 1.2 A02, A11, A23, A29, A32, A34, A68, B07, B13, A29, C06, A11
    B13, B15, B42, B44, B58, C04, C06, C07, C17  
33 Gag 1.13 A02, A23, B44, B57, B58, C07 B58, B57, A02, C07, C03, A68
37 Gag 1.17 A30, B42, B58, C17 C18, B42, C17, A01, B81
39 Gag 1.34 A02, A03, A23, A29, A30, A68, A74, B08, B15, A02
    B18, B42, B45, B53, B57, B58, C02, C03, C06,  
    C07, C08, C16, C17  
41 Gag 1.07 A23, C06 C03, B14, A68, C08, B15
42 Gag 1.09 A23, A30, B08, B15, B42, B53, B58, C03, C04, C07 B53, C03
55 Gag 1.19 A02, A24, A29, A30, B07, B15, B39, B42, B44, B42, B08, C17
    B58, C02, C06, C07, C17  
59 Gag 1.16 A02, A30, B08, B42, B44, B58, C04, C07, C17 A02, B13, A29
60 Gag 1.21 A02, A30, B42, B58, C06, C07, C17 A02, B41, C07, C17
63 Gag 1.21 A02, A23, A29, A30, A68, B08, B15, B44, B58, A23
    C02, C03, C06, C07  
181 Pol 1.19 A01, A23, A29, A30, A34, A68, A74, B14, B15, B57, C18
    B18, B35, B44, B45, B57, B58, C02, C03, C04,  
    C06, C07, C08, C16  
199 Pol 1.2 A02, A03, A23, A24, A26, A30, A31, A34, A36, A66, A68, B53, A23, C04
    A80, B08, B13, B15, B18, B35, B40, B41, B42, B44, B45,  
    B49, B50, B51, B53, B57, B58, B81, C01, C02, C03, C04,  
    C05, C06, C07, C08, C15, C16, C17  
216 Pol 1.09 A02, A30, B58, C07, C17 B53, B58, C07, B57
417 Vif 1.5 A03, A23, A30, A34, A36, A68, B08, B14, B15, B14, C08, A36
    B44, B53, B58, C03, C04, C06, C08  
B) Non-beneficial OLP (PR < 1)     
116 Tat 0.91 A02, A34, B15, C04 B15, C02
178 Pol 0.84 A03, A68, B15, B58, C04, C06, C07 A68, C06, B58, B82, A03
190 Pol 0.92 A03, A30, A66, B18, B42, B45, B58, C06, C07 A02, B18, B35, C05, C16, B45, A80, C12, B67, B39
239 Pol 0.82 - C05, A03
253 Pol 0.92 A03, A68, B15, B39, B42, B44, B58, C02, C04, C06, C08, A68, C03, B15, B07, C15, B41
    C17, C18  
265 Pol 0.94 A02, A03, A23, A24, A26, A29, A30, A31, A33, B15, C02, A43, A74
    A34, A66, A68, B07, B08, B14, B15, B27, B40, B41, B42,  
    B44, B53, B54, B55, B57, B81, C01, C02, C04, C06, C07,  
    C12, C17, C18  
283 Vpr 0.93 A02, A03, A23, A30, A66, A68, A74, B07, B14, B18, B39, A68, C03, B07, C17, B41
    B41, B42, B45, B57, C02, C04, C07, C08, C15, C17  
284 Vpr 0.92 A03, A23, A30, A66, A68, A74, B07, B14, B18, B39, B42, A68, C03
    B45, B57, C07, C08, C15, C17  
312 Env 0.84 - B08, C07
365 Env 0.88 B58, C06 C06, B58, A43, B45, C16, A66
393 Env 0.78 A30, B58, C06 A31, C06, B45
  1. 1) in italics HLA alleles that do not emerge from the Hepitope analysis 2) cut-off in Hepitope analyses for p < 0.05, alleles sorted according to strength of association