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Table 1 Human Tumor Antigens

From: The iSBTc/SITC primer on tumor immunology and biological therapy of cancer: a summary of the 2010 program

Shared tumor-specific antigens (Cancer - testis antigens) MAGE, BAGE, GAGE, GnTV, NY-ESO-1, RAGE, TRP2-INT2
Antigens from new fusion proteins bcr-abl, ETV6/AML
Antigens resulting from mutations BRAF, CDK4, β-catenin, CASP-8, K-ras, hsp70-2, EF2, TPI, Cdc27, p53
Differentiation antigens Tyrosinase, Melan-A MART1, gp100, gp75TRP1, TRP2, CEA, PSA, PAP, PMSA
Overexpressed antigens P53, HER2-neu, PRAME, survivin, telomerase, WT-1
Viral antigens HPV16 E7, EBV
Other antigens MUC-1, Idiotype