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Table 3 Numbers of graduating students, who gained research and other experiences

From: Medical education and research environment in Qatar: a new epoch for translational research in the Middle East

   Number(%) of students gaining certain experience
Graduating Class Number Research Local public Health/Community Global Health
Class of 2008 15 10 (66) 8 (53) 3 (20)
Class of 2009 17 9 (53) 9 (53) 4 (23)
Class of 2010 17 17 (100) 10 (59) 8 (47)
  1. Research experience - is at least 8 weeks of approved and supervised research experience, which the students gained during their medical school education program.
  2. Local public health - is at least the equivalent of 2 weeks of any volunteer local health related experience or any other volunteer work which contributed to improving the quality of life of people living in Qatar.
  3. Global health experience - is at least the equivalent of 2 weeks of any supervised voluntary or for credit experience (as an elective) in countries other than the US and Qatar.