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Table 4 Prognostic Factors in a Univariate and Multivariate Proportional Hazard Model of The Cox Regression

From: Membranous expression of Her3 is associated with a decreased survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

  Univariate analysis Multivariate analysis
Her2 membranous staining NS NS
Her3 membranous staining 1.54 (1.04-2.28), 0.027 1.51 (1.01-2.23), 0.040
Her3 cytoplasmic staining NS NS
Age 1.02 (1.01-1.03), 0.001 1.02 (1.01-1.03), 0.001
Gender NS NS
Tumor site   
   Larynx vs. Others NS NS
   Oral cavity vs. Others NS NS
   Pharynx vs. Others 1.87 (1.17-3.00), 0.008 2.05 (1.28-3.29), 0.003
   Nasal cavity vs. Others 0.43 (0.19-0.98), 0.045 0.43 (0.19-0.97), 0.044
   Salivary gland vs. Others NS NS
Histological grading NS NS
Lymph node metastases NS NS
  1. Data are presented as overall survival hazard ratio (95% confidence interval), P Value; NS, not significant.