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Table 2 Pharmacokinetic data

From: S110, a novel decitabine dinucleotide, increases fetal hemoglobin levels in baboons (P. anubis)

Parameter Units Decitabine Injection
(0.5 mg/kg)
S110 injection (1.0 mg/kg)
Compound   Decitabine S110 Decitabine
HL_LAMBDA_z min 93 39 58
Tmax min 30 16 15
Cmax ng/ml 16 6 17
AUCall min*ng/ml 1149 397 494
AUCINF_OBS min*ng/ml 1463 516 593
  1. Pharmacokinetic data calculated for baboons treated with decitabine and S110.
  2. HLLambda z- half life, Tmax- time of maximal drug concentration, Cmax-concentration at Tmax, AUCall-area under the curve from time of dosing to last observation, AUCINF_OBS-area under the curve from time of dosing to infinity.