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Table 3 rhIL21-responsive genes in whole cynomolgus monkey blood

From: Development and application of a biomarker assay for determining the pharmacodynamic activity of an antagonist candidate biotherapeutic antibody to IL21R in whole blood

Gene Average Fold Change (with IL21) SD P-value paired t-test
IL2RA 4.1 1.76 < 0.0001
PRF1 1.8 0.78 <0.0001
IL21R 2.3 0.63 <0.0001
GZMB 1.6 0.39 <0.0001
IL6 2.7 1.72 0.0007
  1. rhIL21-mediated average fold increase in RNA expression in blood of 18 individual cynomolgus monkeys stimulated in vitro for 4 hours. Control (no rhIL21) RNA expression values were normalized to 1, and p values were calculated using log2 of the fold change paired with the log2 of 1 (0).