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Figure 6

From: Molecular signatures of maturing dendritic cells: implications for testing the quality of dendritic cell therapies

Figure 6

Production of cytokine, chemokine and growth factors by stimulated mDCs. Mature DCs from 6 healthy subjects produced by incubation with LPS and IFN-γ were incubated with mouse fibroblasts transfected with CD40-Ligand (CD40L-LTK). The supernant from the stimulated mDCs and unstimulated mDCs were analyzed for 50 cytokines, chemokines and growth factors using an ELISA assay. The levels of the 50 soluble factors were analyzed by unsupervised hierachical clustering analysis. The DCs separated into stimulated mDCs (purple bar) and unstimulated mDCs (orange bar). The cluster of factors that were increased in stimulated mDCs are shown in the purple box and those decreased in stimulated mDCs are shown in the orange box.

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