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Table 1 Borderline Ovarian Tumors Examined by Karyotyping, High Resolution-CGH, and Microsatellite Instability Analysis.

From: Genomic aberrations in borderline ovarian tumors

Case num/lab num Type Surface Extraovarian Karyotype Genomic imbalances MS status
1/01-642 mucinous no no 47, XX, +12[4]/47, XX, +7[3]/45, XX, -6[3]/46, XX[63] rev ish enh(1q22q32, 2p25, 2q22q24, 2q32q33, 3p12p14, 3p22, 3p23, 3p24, 3q12q13, 3q24, 3q25, 5p14, 5q14q22, 6q12q21, 6q22q23, 8q13, 8q21, 8q22q24, 9p13p21, 9p23, 10q21, 18q12), dim(1p21, 1p31pter, 7q11, 11p15, 11q12q14, 11q23, 12q23, 12q24, 13q12, 13q14, 13q33q34, 14q21q24, 14q31q32, 15q13q14, 15q22q24, 17p11p13, 17q, 19p13, 19q, 22q11q13) MSS
2/01-700 mucinous no no 46, XX[116] rev ish enh(8q23, 9p23), dim(1p34p35, 7q11, 17p12p13, 19p13, 19q13, 22q11q12) MSS
3/01-839 serous yes non-invasive implants 46, XX, t(3;17) (q13;q24)[2]/46, XX[45] rev ish enh(3p13, 9p23p24), dim(1p33pter, 7q11, 9q34, 11q13, 12q24, 16p11p13, 17p12pter, 17q12q21, 19p13, 19q, 22q11q13) no DNA available
4/01-844 mucinous no no 46, XX, +12, -22[7]/46, XX[19] no DNA available MSS
5/02-1 serous yes no 46, XX[16]/92, XXXX[23] rev ish enh(2q22q24, 2q31q32, 3p12, 3q12q13, 4p15, 4q13, 5p14, 5q14q23, 6q15q16, 8q22, 8q23, 13q21q31, 13q32, 21q21), dim(1p32pter, 2q37, 3p21, 4q35, 5q35, 6p21, 6p22, 6q25, 7q11, 9q22, 9q33qter, 10q26, 11q12q13, 12p11p12, 12p13, 12q23q24, 14q31, 15q22q24, 16p11p13, 16q22q23, 17p11p13, 17q11q21, 17q22q24, 19p13, 19q13, 20q11q13, 21q22, 22q11q13) MSS
6/02-329 serous yes invasive implants 46, XX[28] no imbalances no DNA available
7/02-828 A Serous (right ovary) yes no 46, XX[13]/92, XXXX[7] rev ish enh(4p15, 8q22q23, 13q22q31, 13q32), dim(1p32p36, 7p12p13, 7q11, 9q34, 11q12q13, 12p11p12, 12q23, 12q24, 15q22q24, 16p13, 17p12pter, 17q11q21, 19, 22q11q13) MSS
8/02-829 B serous (left ovary) yes no 46, XX[106]/92, XXXX[9] no DNA available --
9/03-325 A serous (right ovary) yes no 46, XX[15] rev ish enh(3p12p14, 3q13, 5p14, 6q15q16, 8q22q23, 9p21, 18q12), dim(1p31pter, 2q37, 7q11, 11q12q13, 12q24, 16p11p13, 17p11p13, 17q11q21, 17q23q25, 19p, 19q13, 22q11q13) MSS
10/03-328 B serous (left ovary) yes no 46, XX[15] no imbalances MSS
11/03-401 serous no no Culture failure rev ish enh(1p32pter, 1q21q22, 2p11p12, 2q37, 3p21, 4p16, 6p12p21, 9q33qter, 10q22q23, 10q24, 10q25, 10q26, 11q11q14, 12q24, 14q32, 15q22q25, 16p, 16q13qter, 17p, 17q11q22, 17q24qter, 19p13, 19q13, 20p11p12, 20q13, 22q11q13), dim(6q15q21, 6q22q24) MSS
12/03-481 serous yes no 46, XX[32] no imbalances MSS
13/03-620 A serous (right ovary) yes metastasis lympho node 46, XX, der(4) t(3;4) (q13;q34)[15]/46, XX[2] no imbalances MSS
14/03-621 B serous (left ovary) yes metastasis lympho node 46, XX, der(4) t(3;4) (q13;q34)[10]/46, XX[5] no imbalances MSS
15/03-701 serous no no 46, XX[11] no imbalances MSS
16/04-36 serous yes invasive implants 49, XX, +3, +7, i(8)(q10), +12 [15]/50, idem, +r[2]/50, idem, -r, +mar[2] rev ish enh(3, 7, 8q13qter, 12), dim(8p22pter) MSS
17/04-682 mucinous no no 46, XX[3] no DNA available --
18/04-721 mucinous and serous no no 46, XX[18] no imbalances MSS
19/04-831 A serous (left ovary) yes invasive implants 46, XX[84] rev ish enh(2q24, 3p12, 3p13, 8q22q23, 13q22q31), dim(2q36q37, 7q35q36, 9q33q34, 10q25q26, 11q13, 12q23q24, 14q31q32, 15q22q24, 16p11p13, 17p11p13, 17q11q21, 17q22q25, 19p13, 19q13, 20q11q13, 22q) MSS
20/04-832 B serous (right ovary) yes invasive implants 47, XX, +7[18] rev ish enh(Xq21q23, 2q22q32, 3p12p13, 3q12q13, 4q12q28, 5p13p14, 5q14q23, 6q12q21, 6q22, 7p12p21, 7q21q34, 8q13q21, 8q22q23, 9p21p24, 11q14q21, 13q21q31), dim(1p32pter, 2q37, 4p16, 6p23, 6q25q26, 9q34, 10q25q26, 11q12q13, 12q23q24, 14q31q32, 15q22q24, 16p11p13, 16q21q24, 17p, 17q11q21, 17q23q24, 19, 20q11q13, 21q22, 22q) MSS
21/04-1211 mucinous no no Culture failure no imbalances MSS
22/04-1213 A serous (right ovary) yes invasive implants 46, XX[3] rev ish enh(8p11p23, 8q11q24), dim(1p34p35, 15q11q13, 16p11p12) MSS
23/04-1214 B serous (left ovary) yes invasive implants 46, XX[3] no DNA available --