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Figure 2

From: miR-17-92 expression in differentiated T cells - implications for cancer immunotherapy

Figure 2

Enhanced expression of miRs from the miR-17-92 cluster in Th1 cells. Data represent relative expression of mature miRs in Th1 compared with Th2 cells. SNO202 was used as the internal control and ΔΔCT method was used to examine expression relative to the Th2 cell value. Relative expression is shown for (A), miR-17-92 cluster members or (B), representative paralog cluster members, miR-106a and -106b. Error Bars indicate standard deviation of the triplicate samples. Each experiment was repeated at least 3 times. Up-regulation in Th1 vs. Th2 is significant in (A) with p < .01 for miR-92 and p < .0001 for all other miRs and in (B), with p < .001 for miR-106a and p < .05 for miR106b using the student t test.

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