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Table 2 Comparison of discriminating spectral components/peptide peaks found in this study and in other published work.

From: Mass spectrometry-based serum proteome pattern analysis in molecular diagnostics of early stage breast cancer

This study Other studies
m/z value p-value Change m/z value p-value Change Ref. Study design Identity
2303.48 6.25e-14 D 2306.20 1.09e-06 U 35 MALDI/serum/A C4a
2356.91 2.47e-04 D 2359.09 4.07e-12 U 35 MALDI/serum/A ITIH4
2378.80 8.91e-06 D 2380.03 1.26e-07 U 35 MALDI/serum/A Fibrinogen
2510.80 4.65e-08 D 2509.16 5.56e-13 U 35 MALDI/serum/A ApoA-IV
2599.75 6.03e-04 U 2603.15 2.08e-07 U 35 MALDI/serum/A Factor XIIIa
3020.51 5.49e-03 U 3017.85 1.50e-03 U 43 SELDI/NAF/M  
3273.96 1.08e-03 U 3278.71 1.05e-05 D 42 SELDI/serum/M  
3283.73 6.80e-07 U 3281.5 1.77e-04 U 38 MALDI/serum/M  
3973.35 1.51e-06 D 3284.74 3.00e-04 U 43 SELDI/NAF/M  
4648.09 3.48e-07 U 3975.99 3.06e-05 D 42 SELDI/serum/M  
5105.44 4.66e-03 U 4648 4.13e-03 D 42 SELDI/serum/M  
6802.40 1.42e-03 D 5101.8 4.90e-03 U 43 SELDI/NAF/M  
8116.60 3.41e-04 D 6807.26 1.90e-03 D 42 SELDI/serum/M  
8134.75 9.61e-04 D 8116 1.00e-06 U 29,33 SELDI/serum/M C3a
8656.46 2.73e-04 U 8138.56 7.89e-07 U 42 SELDI/serum/M  
    8657.2 1.00e-03 U 37 SELDI/Serum/E  
  1. Uncorrected p-values are based on Mann-Whitney U tests in this study. Correspondence of peptide peaks is based on a difference of less than ± 0.2% of the m/z values of [M+H]+ ions. The column "Change" refers to an increased (U) or decreased (D) abundance of a given peptide in breast cancer samples comparing to control samples, and the column "Identity" shows the protein from which the corresponding fragment is derived. Corresponding peptide peaks were found in six studies based on either MALDI or SELDI spectrometry; patient groups consisted of either early (E), advanced (A) or mixed (M) stages. One study analyzed the nipple aspirate fluid (NAF).