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Table 2 Gd-PAMAM dendrimer peak concentrations in orthotopic RG-2 gliomas versus ectopic RG-2 gliomas*

From: Physiologic upper limit of pore size in the blood-tumor barrier of malignant solid tumors

Gd-dendrimer generation (G) Peak concentration in orthotopic RG-2 gliomas (mM) Peak concentration time point (min) Peak concentration in ectopic RG-2 gliomas (mM) Peak concentration time point (min)
Gd-G5 0.147 167 0.195 149
Gd-G6 0.106 200 0.144 189
Gd-G7 0.064 75 0.084 107
Gd-G8 0.049 77 0.052 81
  1. *95% confidence intervals (CI) and root mean squared errors (RMSE) for best fit curve concentrations from the bi-exponential function [Gd] t = aebt+ cedtare reported in Additional file 1