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Table 2 Gender, race, age, diagnosis and JAK2 V617F status of patients whose neutrophils were analyzed for gene and microRNA expression profiling

From: Gene and microRNA analysis of neutrophils from patients with polycythemia vera and essential thrombocytosis: down-regulation of micro RNA-1 and -133a

Patient Gender Race Age (years) Diagnosis JAK2 V617F
1 Female Caucasian 45 ET Positive
2 Male Caucasian 47 ET Negative
3 Female Caucasian 63 PV Positive
4 Male Caucasian 62 PV Positive
5 Female Caucasian 57 PV Negative
7 Male Caucasian 52 PV Positive
  1. ET = essential thrombocytosis
  2. PV = polycythemia vera