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Figure 1

From: Birth weight and characteristics of endothelial and smooth muscle cell cultures from human umbilical cord vessels

Figure 1

Cell proliferation kinetics of vascular cell types obtained from human umbilical cords (UCs). Human umbilical artery and vein endothelial (HUAECs and HUVECs, panels A and B, respectively) and smooth muscle cells (HUASMCs and HUVSMCs, panels C and D, respectively) obtained from 6 UCs of newborns (birth weight <2.8 kg, n = 3 solid symbols or >3.5 kg, n = 3 hollow symbols) were seeded and cultured as described in Methods. Each experimental point corresponds to the mean of three replicates. In each panel, the lines shown connect the calculated average values from each time point analyzed corresponding to all the individuals (solid line) or to those individuals grouped according to their lower (<2.8 kg, dotted line) or higher (>3.5 kg, dashed line) birth weight in order to facilitate a comparison.

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