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Table 2 PSA values: Baseline and reduction of blood PSA levels for patients who showed partial clinical responses following vaccination with the vaccination time point.

From: Generation in vivo of peptide-specific cytotoxic T cells and presence of regulatory T cells during vaccination with hTERT (class I and II) peptide-pulsed DCs

Patient PSA
time point (V)
time point (V)
Percentage reduction
N004 2320 V0 2030 V1 14.28%
N010 2798 V1 1218 V2 56.47%
N010 3218 V3 2439 V4 24.20%
L003 232 V7 206 V8 11.20%
L005 465 V2 429 V3 7.7%
L005 639 V4 629 V5 1.5%
  1. None of these patients had altered renal function or change in serum albumin during vaccination to account for variations in PSA levels. Normal reference range for PSA is 0–5 μg/L.