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Table 3 Physical exams score for motility and postural features from dystrophic dogs

From: Early transplantation of human immature dental pulp stem cells from baby teeth to golden retriever muscular dystrophy (GRMD) dogs: Local or systemic?

1. Posture symmetry Symmetric animal Slight asymmetry: discreet lordosis High asymmetry: lordosis posture and tail elevation
2. Increase of tarsal normal angle (plantigrady)    
  Absent modest severe (walk on tarsus)
3. Increase of carpal normal angle (palmigrady)    
  Absent modest severe (walk on carpus)
4. Stifle stiffness while moving normal stifle motility slight stifle stiffness severe stifle stiffness associated with short strides
5. Pelvic balance    
  Normal reduced absent
6. Postural tone (muscle palpation and inspection)    
  normal tone hypotonic flaccid
7. Contractures Absent decrease in passive range of motion contractures limiting passive range of motion
8. Hopping    
  Normal reduced inability to achieve postural reaction
9. Standing up Normal ability reduced (perform task slowly/slower)  
  inability to stand up alone   
10. Barrier crossing normal reduced inability to jump
11. Food prehension Eat normal dry food changed for wet food laborious swallowing
12. Locomotion apparatus structure strong losing structures components as muscle mass and bone fragilities weak and thin
Total score = 24