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Table 1 Difference in the transcriptional pattern of quiescent compared to stimulated CD8 T cells

From: GM-CSF/IL-3/IL-5 receptor common β chain (CD131) expression as a biomarker of antigen-stimulated CD8+ T cells

Class Comparison # of genes differentially expressed at Student t test or F test p2-value < 0.001 Permutation Test (p-value) Multivariate
Ex vivo vs CD8 in culture vs IL-2 vs IL-2+Flu 6,692 (F test, n = 24) 0
Ex vivo vs combined IL-2 and IL-2+Flu 5,527 (t test, n = 18) 0
Ex vivo vs IL-2 vs IL-2+Flu 4, 702 (F test, n = 18) 0
Ex vivo vs IL-2 4,893 (t test, n = 12) 0
Ex vivo vs IL-2+Flu 5, 859 (t test, n = 12) 0
IL-2 vs IL-2+Flu 1,727 (t test), n = 12 0
  1. Ex vivo refers to the transcriptional analysis of freshly isolated and processed CD8 positive T cells; CD8 T cells were also sorted by high speed FACS sorter from PBMC from HLA-A*0201 expressing normal donors that had been cultured for 7 days in the presence of 300 IU IL-2 following stimulation with the Flu M1:58-66 peptide according to their level of CFSE and Flu/tHLA staining. CD8 expressing, CSFEhigh, Flu/tHLA negative T cells (non Flu specific) are referred to as IL-2 while CD8 expressing, CSFElow, Flu/tHLA positive T cells are referred to as IL-2+Flu