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Archived Comments for: Application of Atomic Dielectric Resonance Spectroscopy for the screening of blood samples from patients with clinical variant and sporadic CJD

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  1. Thank you for choosing an Open Access Journal

    Graham Steel, CJD Alliance

    16 September 2007

    I wish to publicly thank the Authors of this important Paper for choosing to publish this in an Open Access Journal.

    By making such Papers freely and widely available, I firmly believe will vastly speed up science/research in this regard.

    The speed in which this Paper was submitted, Peer Reviewed and published on the internet is a far cry from traditional business models.

    Moreover, with this Paper being immediately archived in PubMed and PubMed Central, this is extremely important and the way forward.

    I have already alerted many colleagues to this Paper. Without Open Access, I would simply not have been able to do so !!

    I sincerely hope that more and more Authors like these ones publish via Open Access and ensure that their work is deposited in an Institutional Repository.

    Kind regards,


    Graham Steel

    Co-Founder,CJD Alliance

    Competing interests

    None declared

  2. Further development of ADRS for TSE investigation

    George Robin Barclay, SNBTS and University of Edinburgh

    26 November 2007

    In the competing interests section of this paper we state that "Radar World Ltd participated on a voluntary basis out of scientific curiosity and is not currently developing a commercial interest in this field". For clarification, this does not mean that ADROK Ltd (formerly Radar World Ltd) have no further interest in this - far from it. They would be very interested in developing this technology further with suitable collaborators, and would invite an approach by anyone who might be interested in developing this for clinical (and/or veterinary) application.

    Competing interests

    None declared