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Figure 1

From: Analysis of memory T lymphocyte activity following stimulation with overlapping HLA-A*2402, A*0101 and Cw*0402 restricted CMV pp65 peptides

Figure 1

Scheme of candidate immune regions within the CMV pp65 as analyzed by MAPP. The immune dominant CMV 65 kd matrix phosphoprotein (pp65) is shown above. The highlighted red sequences within the pp65 represent the most immunogeneic polypeptides, as predicted by the MAPPP algorithm (threshold ≤ 0.5). Their positions in the protein are listed below. The two highlighted green peptides, NLVPMVATV and QYDPVAALF(F) are, respectively, the known HLA-A*0201 associated pp65495–503 and the two HLA-A*2402 associated overlapping peptides pp65341–349 and pp65341–350. The table refers to each single polypeptide's degree of cleavage by proteasome activity at either N-terminus or C-terminus. The number of peptides derived from each sequence's proteolitic activity and the corresponding degree of peptide cleavage are also shown. HRC (Highest residue cleavage probability); HFC (Highest fragment cleavage probability).

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