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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Evaluation of in vivo labelled dendritic cell migration in cancer patients

Patients Sex/Age Pathology Site of Metastasis Previous Treatment i/mDC HLA
1 M/47 Mel Liver, mediastinal lymph nodes IFN iDC A1A2B8B35Bw6Cw4Cw7
2 M/52 Mel Liver BIOCT iDC A3A28B35B53Cw4
3 M/49 Mel Liver, adrenal glands No treatment iDC + mDC A11A31B14B60Bw6Cw3
4 M/42 Mel Liver, mediastinal and axillary lymph nodes BIOCT iDC+ mDC A1A9B17Bw4Bw6Cw3Cw4
5 F/49 Mel Lung, lymph nodes, skin, peritoneum BIOCT iDC+ mDC A1A9B7B44Bw4Bw6Cw4Cw7
6 M/50 Renal ca. Skin, adrenal glands BIOCT mDC A2A3B7B51Bw4Bw6Cw1Cw7
7 F/52 Mel Lung, liver HdIFN + CT mDC A3A29B44Bw4
8 M/46 Mel Abdominal lymph nodes IFN+BIOCT mDC A3A28B21B35Cw4
  1. IFN, alpha interferon; BIOCT, biochemotherapy; CT, chemotherapy; HdIFN, high-dose adjuvant alpha interferon (ECOG 1684)