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Figure 2

From: Liver myofibroblasts up-regulate monocyte CD163 expression via PGE2 during hepatitis B induced liver failure

Figure 2

LMFs are in close vicinity to CD163 + monocytes in situ, and the phenotypic characterization of LMFs isolated from human liver tissue. (A) Analysis of LMF (α-SMA+) and monocyte (CD163+) distribution in diseased liver samples using confocal microscopy. The micrographs represent the association of LMFs and CD163+ monocytes; 1 out of 10 representative micrographs is shown. (B) Immunofluorescent in vitro anti-α-SMA and FAP staining of LMFs isolated from a representative sample of diseased livers. (C) The surface markers on LMFs cultured for 3–5 population doublings were determined by flow cytometry. The purity of the LMFs was confirmed using endothelial, epithelial and hematopoietic markers (CD31, CD45 and CD34). Bar, 50 μm.

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