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Table 2 Review of literature for peripheral ME

From: Peripheral medulloepithelioma: a rare tumor with a potential target therapy

Reference Sex Age Site Stage Metastasis Therapy Outcome
Kleinman et al. F 20 yr ovary I No Complete surgery, CT NED, 108 mo
Kleinman et al. F 32 yr ovary I No Complete surgery, CT NED, 36 mo
Kleinman et al. F 13 yr ovary III No Complete surgery DOD, 20 mo
Kleinman et al. F 23 yr ovary III No Complete surgery, CT, RT DOD, 2 mo
Figarella-Branger et al. F 17 yr pelvis IV Lung Surgery on primitive tumor, CT DOD, 8 mo
Bruggers et al. F Newborn pelvis III No Partial resection, CT NED, 50 mo
Donner et al. F 12 yr pelvis III No CT NED, 36 mo
Nakamura et al. M 6 mo pelvis (sciatic nerve) III No Complete surgery NED, 84 mo
  1. Legend: F, female; M, male; yr, years; mo, months; CT, chemotherapy; RT, radiotherapy; NED, non evidence of disease; DOD, died of disease.