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Figure 6

From: Chemokine receptor CCR6 expression is regulated by miR-518a-5p in colorectal cancer cells

Figure 6

CCR6 mRNA and protein expression in miR 518-5p transfected CRC cells. (A) CCR6 mRNA expression as determined by Q-RT-PCR in CaCo2- and HT-29 cells 48 hours after transfection with hsa-miR-518a-5p. CCR6 Q-RT-PCR data are presented as mean +/- SEM (n = 15). Fold decrease below 1 indicates CCR6 mRNA down-regulation in CaCo2- and HT-29 cells relative to NK miR mimic transfected cells, *(P < 0.05). (B) Detection of CCR6 protein expression in representative cell culture slides of CaCo2- and HT-29 cells as assessed by immunocytochemical staining with CCR6-specific antibodies.

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