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Figure 2

From: Establishing a rabbit model of malignant esophagostenosis using the endoscopic implantation technique for studies on stent innovation

Figure 2

Procedure for stent placement. (A) Fluoroscopy showed a malignant stricture (black arrow) in the thoracic esophagus of a rabbit. The endoscope (yellow arrow) was used for injection of the contrast. (B) Fluoroscopic view of the stent implanted at the desired location, which was also confirmed using an endoscope (yellow arrow). (C) Endoscopic view of the tumor intra-luminal growth (yellow arrow); the esophageal lumen was on the right of the tumor (black arrow). (D) After stent placement, the endoscopic view of the stent at an ideal location revealed that the tumor was outside of stent, but within the extension of the stent (yellow arrow).

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