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Figure 3

From: Sildenafil ameliorates oxidative stress and DNA damage in the stenotic kidneys in mice with renovascular hypertension

Figure 3

Sildenafil ameliorates oxidative stress of the stenotic kidney cells in renovascular hypertensive mice. Representative flow cytometry histograms show the fluorescence intensities of DHE (panel A), DCF-DA (panel B) and DAF-2/DA (panel D) stained cells from the Sham (n = 10), 2K1C (n = 10) and 2K1C-sildenafil (n = 10) mice. Bar graphs show the geometric mean intensity of DHE (panel C, white bars) and DCF-2/DA (panel C, color bars) and NO (panel E) production in the stenotic kidney. *p < 0.05 and **p < 0.01 (ANOVA).

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