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Figure 5

From: Targeted DNA vaccines eliciting crossreactive anti-idiotypic antibody responses against human B cell malignancies in mice

Figure 5

Chemokine-receptor-targeted Vaccibodies expressing HCV-associated lymphoma prototypic BCR elicit high titer antibodies that bind transfected A20 cells expressing HCV-associated lymphoma prototypic BCR. Five Ig haplotype IgH-Cb mice (B10.D2-TCRαa) were DNA vaccinated with LD78β VB having as antigenic unit prototypic HCV-associated B lymphoma BCR (with IGHV1-69 and IGKV3-20 linked in a scFv format), followed by electroporation. (A) Sera containing IgGb obtained 21 days later were used at 1:400 dilution to stain both transfected and parental A20 cells (that express Ig haplotype IgH-Ca), bound IgG2ab was detected with an mouse anti-IgG2ab mAb. Representative staining are shown of immunized sera (line) or control (gray filled). Peak channels are indicated in the second (arrows) and third panels (line-circles). For comparison, an arrow in the third panel indicates the peak channel from the second panel. (B) Antibody titres of a representative mouse. (C) Left: sera from a mock immunized (gray filled) or a representative immunized mouse (line) did not stain cells from the IGKV3-20+ Burkitt’s lymphoma (DG-75), or A20 expressing syngeneic V regions on BALB/c IgD,κ scaffold (Ab2-1.4). Right: Comparison of the VH amino acid sequence of DG-75 and IGHV1-69. Amino acids are indicated as in Figure 3.

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