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Figure 4

From: High-dimensional analysis of the aging immune system: Verification of age-associated differences in immune signaling responses in healthy donors

Figure 4

Age-associated immune signaling responses in the current study cohort. Wilcoxon (two-sided) test statistics were calculated for each node in each cell subpopulation. Responses that differed significantly between Young and Elderly donors are indicated with purple (lower responses in Elderly than Young) and green (higher responses in Elderly than Young) with the color intensity corresponding to the magnitude of the p value. Asterisks indicate the 9 responses verified using the Gatekeeper approach. The number sign indicates the pre-specified response significantly associated with age that was not verified by the Gatekeeper approach. Solid gray boxes represent nodes that were responsive in the given cell subset but did not associate with age (p > 0.05). Solid white boxes represent nodes that did not show a response in the corresponding cell subset.

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